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Tell us about yourself?
My birth name is Joshua Davids Ugbana, I grew up in Kaduna Nigeria and i am from Delta state in Nigeria.
How long have you been into music?
I know this may sound clique but i started singing when I was at the age of 9 and my brothers used to introduce me to a lot of genres of music and now i am here still making Nigeria proud.
Who is your mentor?
My mentor hmm! Well I have 3 who have inspired me my Dad, my Mum and ICE who is an amazing Nigerian Recording Artist. These 3 really built a lot in me and you know they always inspire me, from the Hard work of my Mum to the work ethic of my Dad to the inspiring words of ICE. THEY ALL COMPLETE THE PACKAGE!
Were there any restrictions in your music life?
If yes, how were you able to face them?
Of course! I think in every story of success, you fall get up and keep running that’s what makes your journey very interesting. I grew up in a very Christian-secular background musicians like King sunny Ade, Sunny Niaji, Michael Jackson etc…. so when i started music i had a contemporary mind-set, i wanted to do songs that came from my heart, if you hear my singles:” Baba God and Omo Ton Jaiye” you would understand. So most times the critics of if i am secular or not or why and if I am drifting from Gospel and all that. But i know my music is birth by God and from my heart so I just keep on moving. The controversy is good sometimes hahahah!
When growing up do you ever see yourself a superstar one day?
I always knew it was coming. I believed and at first it looks like it will be true and very easy but you grow up and face lot of challenges the love, passion you first grew up with will keep you pushing. So i knew it was coming I just didn’t know when, with each passing day you increase by a step.
What inspired you into music?
Well it was a natural gift, but I was surrounded by a lot of people who sing who you know do music one of them was my cousin people know him as M KUDI he is also a dancer for KAFI who has worked with P-square and some others. He really inspired me and thought me all I know. Another was my upbringing I really didn’t have much friends so i was all alone writing music at the age of 9 that was my escape and a place of peace every time.
What kind of music are you into?
I am an R& B/Afro Beat Artist that sings about the love of Christ and every other thing around me, put out an open mind and let the holy spirit dictate what i should write even love songs I have a lot of love songs he has given me, my music is really a wide range of all experiences in life.
What was the first song you recorded, and how was the experience like?
Wow! The first song i ever recorded was a feature on a friends song i was 15 years at that time. Menh it was horrible but exciting lol! I kept hearing a voice which sounded like mine and i really gave the producer a hard time, lol, but i was happy i felt like a super star in school. It was pretty much an awesome time.
Why do you choose to use his’teria as your stage name instead of Joshua David?
HIS’TERIA was a name given to me by a friend at that time i just needed a name to work with something distinct and different , I was using Joshua Davids for a while but i needed something different so at that time the name was HYSTERIA which i changed to HIS’TERIA which means His self-service. HIS which refers to God, TERIA means rendering self-service. So the main message behind the name is God can pick anyone and make him an instrument for himself, like he picked me up, i was never perfect in fact i had lots of flaws and still do but God shows he love to me every day and every other person can be used by God if they only let him come in. We all are perfect in God’s eyes and we are all destined to do great things.
Do you have an album? If ‘NO’ why?
Well i do not have an album yet. Because to create an album, you need lots of work to be put into it, get the right team on board, hopefully by next year one should be out, i have a wonderful team Epistle Camp Nation and they are awesome and incredible. I am taking my time to bring out a work of art that will compete with the Market i general not just Gospel so am working with a lot of main stream producers.
How many singles do you?
I have 3 singles: IFE ODO, BABA GOD, OMO TON JAIYE.
Baba God Art
We heard that you were nominated but we don’t even know which of them, can you tell us please?
Yes I was nominated for three different awards: Best Gospel Single for my song Baba God at the TOP NAIJA MUSIC AWARDS. BEST RNB, BEST COLLABORATION AND BEST CONTEMPOARY SONG at THE GOSPELITE MUSIC AWARDS and Finally, BEST RNB/SOUL AT THE NIGERIA GOSPEL MUSIC AWARDS. This year has being an awesome year and i thank God, to be nominated in the same category with Samsung and Obiwon at the Nigerian Gospel Music Awards is an honour and am thankful. Hope to win all though hahah!
We also heard that you’ve been signed with a record label, tell us about it
Yes I am. I am signed under a new imprint EPISTLE CAMP MUSIC, I was contacted by a group of guys who wanted to have something to build in terms of music. The new label is a new one, though I just signed and so far things are going well, i will start working with them as from next year 2015 by God’s grace.
How do you handle music and school?
Music and school has being God’s grace all through and you know both jobs are tasking but for am not really doing much as i will next year 2015 with my new label. I learn to prioritize my calendar and give every time its full attention, for now finishing school and pushing my music further is the main goal, the attention i get in school is amazing but still i learn to cu
The fun short some times and focus on my school work and so far both have being very successful and i advice every other artist who is in school to stay in school and finish cause the world now is a cooperate business environment and you have to be at the top if your game whether you’re a singer, model, producer, blogger, dancer etc. Education is important. Go for it and build your business right.
Who do you look up in the music industry?
Well I look up to a whole lot of artists and business in Nigeria, in Nigeria, I give kudos to Don Jazzy his work ethic is amazing, Tu Face and a lot of people making sure that our music AFRO BEAT , is heard internationally also DETRICK HADDON and lots of other people doing Good internationally and Nationally. Africa is really growing music wise. The Gospel market in Nigeria we have the upcoming generation like HENRISOUL, PROVABS etc. that are doing good. So I look up to anyone and every on making good music and being positive about it
Are you dating? If YES describe her in a sentence
Hmmmmmm dating! Yes Jesus hahahaha! No I am not at the moment unfortunately, anyone who wants to apply will have to be you know………….. haha I rest my case right here.
Any advice for the upcoming musicians and for you fans.
The world has its drama always be strong to get up even and after you fall, do not get discouraged instead always be challenged to go further, take risks and if your mind set is for the fame then I advise to get another profession, do it because you love it, surely you will get your reward. Be educated about the music and always work on yourself cause you never know when your opportunity will come waiting for you, be always ready and most importantly put God first and always know that HEADS OR TAIL YOU WILL ALWAYS WIN.
Give us your social network handler so that your fans can reach you.
YOU CAN REACH ME ON TWITTER: @Real_Histeria and like my page on facebook: facebook.com/RealHisteria. Send a message and I will always reply. I love you guys!
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