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Timothy Shichet also called MrChristlike Timothy as his stage name ,  is a young and courageous, passionate minister from Nigeria in the city of kaduna .
His testimony about his music life and life as a whole is surprising coupled with the Surrounding obstacles of his time. His sudden outbreak in life led alot of people into his life. 
MrChristlike Timothy is a song writer,  a praise leader, a mentor to many who knows him and he is the C.E.O of The Young People’s forum (YPF)With Timothy Shichet Nigeria.
The song “Not By Might Not By Strength ” gotten from Zachariah 4:6 , is an inspiration that came to him as a motivation that “whatever you do in this life with your might, strength and anything you could think of that is of the flesh not of the spirit of God,  would be temporal but whatever is by the spirit of God stands the test of time; only the Holy Spirit can direct your mountains out of your way”. Whatever is your challenge speak it up to him , Whatever you have, whatever you do, know it that only the spirit of God is capable of bringing a sustainable dimensions to its durability and change to whatever stain in your life .  God is good. Enjoy the melodious sound of the spirit. 
God bless you as you download,  listen and share.

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