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The three weeks agony of James

Hi James, shedy a close friend of James shouted for three times,James! James!James! before James came back to his senses. What are you thinking of shedy asked? thinking of Eunice, john replied Why, Whats wrong with her? are you guys fighting shedy asked? With sadness on James face like he lost a big cash, he replied No, we aint fighting just that tomorrow will complete the third week , we will be together.
Hahaha,shedy couldn’t controlled his laughter he laughed so hard,he almost felt down,the laugh was so loud, Alpha and vick a friend /neighbour had to come outside They all busted in laughter after hearing what’s making James sad.
For his face was the opposite of his face the day Eunice his girlfriend said ‘yes,i will be your queen” his face was like she reversed her statement to him. James had been nicknamed mr 3weeks by his friends,because his two past girlfriends dumped him exactly on the third week for reasons still unknown to him,his course mate dom, once told him to try the third girl if it lasts for 3weeks again then he needs to go see a prophet for deliverance. lol His friends consoled him they gisted, cracked jokes,laughed at each other and at the end of the day, everybody departed.
It’s 6.am in the morning,and the day completing the third week of his relationship With eunice, the loud ringing tone on James phone woke him up, picking the phone, it was a message and from nobody but Eunice. Like a trumpet,u could hear his heart beating. Should i open it or not? Could it be that my fear is about to happen? And so many questions kept running through his mind, Atlast he summoned courage and opened the message, wow!, James smiled revealing his almost white teeth, like he has won a lotto, for his fear is about taking place love you but let’s just be friends please was the last thing in the text, sent by eunice.
His smile vanished, his shOut was so Loud,it woke his little bro bildex, who gave him a heavy tap on his lap, wake up James, you are dreaming. James was sweating so much,like he just got out from the showers, he took a deep breathed of relieve; thank God,it was just a dream; before the end of his statement; his phone rang this time for real, “preeeeeeee”, his stomach sounded like someone who over fed himself with beans the previous night; could the dream be a revelation? He asked himself as bildex, gave him the phone,another deep breath of relieve; he took, for the text wasn’t from eunice but from Revelation music blog Own by an RnB singer and friend popularly known as “the RnB maker”, Which reads
“Your situation doesn’t matter, God can make your life sweeter just like bread and butter,and change your status Download this song from Gwanzy jonah”
Have a nice day hahaha, James laugffed, like he knows my condition he whispered.:….
By Gwanzy jonah.

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